A higher mutagenic and carcinogenic potential exists for wood smoke compared to traffic exhaust. Kochbach, et al.

Wood Smoke: A Growing Public Health Threat

Wood smoke increasingly pervades, and invades, our private and public spaces.


Wood burning is a growing problem in public places too.A photo of people burning wood with lots of smokeRestaurants with wood-burning ovens fill entire shopping districts and residential areas with smoke. Public recreation areas such as beaches and parks are filled with harmful wood smoke pollution from fire pits, fire rings and bonfires.


In many of these public places, visitors are no longer allowed to smoke cigarettes, yet smoke-producing fires are permitted that are far more polluting, by orders of magnitude. It doesn't make sense.


It is also extremely harmful to members of the public, especially those in high-risk groups. Everyone should be able to work, shop and recreate in public spaces without being exposed to unnecessary harm from wood smoke pollution.

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