Photograph of laptop with wood smoke references.

Wood Smoke Resources and Other Information

A commercial from Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, explaining in 30 seconds why heating your home with wood is one of the worst things you can do for your own health.We will be adding more links, resources and categories of information over time, so please be sure to check back once in a while.


Our Citizen Monitoring page explains how you can use a particulate sensor to record how wood burning increases pollution levels around your home.


On our Personal Stories page, you can read about people who’ve been affected by wood smoke pollution and have the opportunity to share your own story.


We have an archive of our newsletters.


Our References page contains over 400 links to studies, articles and other information related to wood smoke pollution. Most entries are linked either to a research abstract or, where available, to an entire article.

For resources, please follow these links: